My first experience with video games was our friends' across the street Nintendo 64.  In homage to the 1up mushrooms on Mario here are 1upcakes, inspired by this t-shirt.  Can you tell I like mini cupcakes?

French Apple Cake

I love finding recipes like this French apple cake.  It has the key aspects I want in a recipe: something that is easy and quick but still delicious and fancy or elegant, a step above ordinary.  This cake is a breeze to make and it has a great flavor and it is different from what we in America think of as cake.  It is light and fresh.

Mini Lemon Tarts

Honey Lavender Tea Bread

I had some wonderful ladies over for tea on Sunday for our ladies salon.  We get together and discuss articles and whatever else we want.  All of the women in the group are wise and insightful.  They were a pleasure to have over and I was so happy I got to have a tea party.

Vanilla Bean "Scones"

I love The Pioneer Woman.  She's a hoot and her food always looks delicious.  However, I do have a bone to pick with her.  She posted this recipe for Petite Vanilla Bean Scones (based, I know now, on the ones from Starbucks).  I should have known: the recipe calls for glazing them.  But she has never led me astray before so I made them.  Let me tell you though, these are not scones.  They may be perfectly delicious but not scones.  Scones are light, not too sweet, fluffy, buttery and served with jam at tea.  So go ahead and make them and enjoy them, but don't call them scones.

Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes

This is my mom's and aunt's favorite birthday cake.  My mom and aunt are twins and they are the best!  It is their birthday on the 13th.  So happy birthday Mom and Aunt Leslie.  I wish you guys could have eaten my Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes but come visit me and I'll make you some.  I love you both!

Apple and Oat Betty

For Christmas dinner this year we made roast beef with Yorkshire pudding. It turned out really well, despite my inability to work the meat thermometer and the mild panic that ensued. We were trying to come up with a good dessert to go with it and so I looked through my mom's cookbooks and found this tiny one with Yorkshire recipes in it.

Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies

Sorry for the Thanksgiving interlude in my Christmas cookie recipes.  That post has been bugging me . . . "Why haven't you posted me yet?", "It's been over a month", "I'm waiting" etc.  But now back to Christmas cookies.