Or: things I have been doing instead of updating my blog
I know, that is not a picture of blondies. I have to admit, I entirely failed to take a picture of the finished blondies. I made them for a wine tasting trip; for the picnic pictured above. If you have never taken a Friday off of work, rented a limo and gone wine tasting, you are missing out because it was seriously an awesome, awesome day. You should do it. And the limo is really part of the experience.  It isn't extravagant at all.

Canadian Butter Tarts

This post is in honor of the Vancouver Canucks and all their fans (except for the ones who were lighting cop cars on fire).  For those of you (aka Americans) who have no idea what I'm talking about; game 7 of the Stanley cup (that's the hockey playoffs) happened yesterday and Vancouver lost to the Boston Bruins and some of the Vancouver fans took it rather badly.  But no reason to be sad when you've got these sweet little morsels to cheer you up until next year.

Chocolate Layer Cake

I know I haven't posted in ages.  And I have tons of recipes ready to go.  So I am making up for it with this recipe, which is the best chocolate cake ever.  Just look at all the chocolatey goodness, so rich and moist.  You're forgiving me already.