Flourless Chocolate Cake

After cooking some fancy cakes, I thought it was time to try something a little easier.  This can is a breeze to make, and takes only about 45 minutes from start to finish.  It may not look as glamorous but it's rich chocolate flavor makes it a hit.

Red Velvet Cake

This cake is a second attempt at two things: making a red velvet cake that is actually red and assembling a layer cake that doesn't sag.  And I suppose practice does make perfect because I was much more successful this round in both regards, creating a very red and stable, beautiful layer cake.

Black-and-White-Chocolate Cake

Two of my good friends are getting married in June and have asked me to make the cake (eek!).  They are planning on having other desserts but want a small cake for tradition's sake.  They key criteria is that it taste good (which I think I can handle) but it also needs to be somewhat photographable (which I'm not so sure about). 

Berry Muffins

First off, I want to wish Happy Mother's Day to my mom and all the other moms out there.  My mom is the greatest.  If I didn't live six hours away, I might make her something like these muffins for breakfast in bed.  As it is she'll have to settle for a call-out in my blog, a phone call and a (belated, oops) gift.


 This is another recipe from the Macrina Bakery & Cafe Cookbook and it is a winner.  I love brioche, a rich, slightly sweet French bread.  I've tried to make it before but with not a lot of success but this recipe is not only amazingly delicious but easy too, especially if you have a stand mixer with a dough hook.