Caramel Pecan Brownies

The lovely Sarah O, in whose kitchen I baked scones last week, graciously lent me her Macrina Bakery & Cafe Cookbook and I am adoring it.  The Macrina Cafe is located in downtown Seattle (there are other locations in Seattle as well).  I like it because it is a local chef but mostly because the bakery is delicious and so are these recipes.  These brownies are amazing.  Trust me, you should probably make them right now and be transported to gooey chocolate caramel heaven.

Pound Cake

I am so excited to share this pound cake recipe with you because it is one of if not they best pound cake I have ever had and it is also the simplest recipe.

Cherry Oat Scones

 Last Sunday I had the most lovely afternoon at my friend Sarah's house.  We had tea and I made scones while she did some gardening.  It was wonderful to have a relaxing visit with good conversation and no stress before a long and hectic week.  It reminded me of my freshman year in college because that year I was living in the dorms and didn't have an oven.  That was depressing for me so I would go over to friends' houses and bake there.  Perhaps not surprisingly, none on my friends really seemed to mind having me disappear into their kitchens and return with baked goodies.