Millionaire's Shortbread

Hey guys, look more cookie recipes. I was back at my parents' house in Moscow, Idaho for over a week this Christmas and I baked a lot of cookies. I am trying to catch up with them. I realize it lacks variety but really, who can complain about more delicious cookie recipes. I promise soon there will be non-cookie recipes (interspersed with even more cookie recipes, what can I say, I love cookies).

Nutella Cookies

I first had Nutella when I lived in Germany with my family when I was 12. I remember it being called something else but there is absolutely no evidence of this so it is probably a false memory. I went ice skating with a friend and there was a crepe stand where you could buy Nutella filled crepe. It was love at first taste.


This is gingerbread. It is moist cake with ginger and molasses. Most people think of gingerbread cookies when they think of gingerbread; it is very confusing, especially because it is hard to be more descriptive than gingerbread. Gingerbread cake sounds redundant. However, after getting over the initial confusion, everyone seemed to love it. I certainly did. I tried to resist by cutting myself small pieces. I'm sure the size of the slices are much more important than the actual percentage of cake consumed (which was quite large in my case).

Pear-Cranberry Crisp

Crisps are one of those things I under appreciate. They don't result in particularly fancy or elegant desserts, but they take about 4 minutes of active work and they taste delicious. I made this to use up some remaining pears I had lying around. Cranberries and pears are actually seasonal in the autumn, but for some reason I always think of them as winter fruits (early winter probably) so I think it is perfect for right now.

Ginger Eggplant

First post of 2012: Happy new year. What are your resolutions? One of mine is to post more often! I only took a couple of pictures but this recipe for eggplant was so quick and so delicious I had to share it with you.